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We Believe That BLESSING is A Two – Way Street

The God Of The Bible Is A God Who Blesses. This Is One Of The Salient Features We Discover About God Right From The Very Beginning Of The Bible – In The Book Of Genesis @ Chapter 1: 28 And All The Way To The End. But The Unique Thing About The God Of The Bible Is Not Only That He Is A God Who Blesses But He Creates A People After Him Who Become Just Like Him – People Who Bless People. That Was The Core Characteristic Of Abraham When God Blessed Him In Order To Be A Blessing ( Gen12 : 3 ) To Reinforce This Truth The God Of The Bible Created A Nation Called Israel … Blessed It In Order That Israel Might Be A Blessing To The Nations ( Gen 22 : 18 ). Believing That We As God’s People Are Called To Be / Become Just Like Our Father – Blessed To Be A Blessing – We Are Taking Steps @ G.A.D. To Be A Blessing To Our Supporters ( Old And New ) And In Return We Are Challenging You To Be A Blessing As Blessings Is A Two – Way Street.

Are You A Dead Sea Or The Sea Of Galilee?

These 2 “seas” are both located in Israel and yet … one thrives with life while the other is dead. The Dead Sea only receives ( gets ) and does not release ( give ) and there it is certified “dead” – with absolutely no life within, while the Sea of Galilee teems with life because even as it receives ( gets ) it releases ( gives ). Not surprisingly people go to the Dead Sea on    to float while people come to the Sea of Galilee to drink its life – giving water.

We The People Of The WORD

While the “people of the world” choose to believe that blessing is a one –  way street – always ending up with them being blessed , we, on the other hand, as the “people of the WORD” believe that blessing is a TWO – WAY Street with both sides or all sides being blessed which is the way with the GOD of the Bible. So we as the people of GOD are BLESSED TO  BE A   BLESSING


Do You Believe In The Blessings Of The Shemittah ?

The SHEMITTAH is a 7 – Year time frame installed, implemented & initiated by GOD and GOD alone in the Bible. In that HE calls for His people to “set free” the debtors at the end of every 7 years ( Deut 15 : 1 – 2 ). We intend to apply this principle @ G.A.D. for all our members ( See Unique Pricing ) starting the Year 2022 – 2029. Membership for the next 6 months ( July – Dec 2021 ) is free and you will receive LIFE MEMBERSHIP FREE OF COST from Jan 2030 … following the 7th Year.

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