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The Bible was written by over 40 authors over a period of 1500 years and yet that are all tied to a single theme running through each and every book of the Bible. Do you know what that single theme is ? Most Christians have learnt the Bible as individual books and often times when one does that the forest is sacrificed for the trees. The task required of us today is to first understand the forest [ synthesis ] before we examine the individual trees [ analysis ]. This course will present the Bible in its forest form allowing you to see the BIG PICTURE and the MAIN THEME in the heart and mind of GOD as HE speaks through various authors in various genres.

When we fail to receive a coherent message from GOD from start ( Genesis ) to end ( Revelation ) we struggle to make sense of current struggles and find meaning to move forward in faith because of the gaps we have inherited in past methods of Bible study where the focus has always been on recovering the message of Individual books of the BIBLE but divorcing these books ( 66 ) from the main Book called the BIBLE ( BIBLOS ).

@ MASTERCLASS I will be teaching the BIBLE from cover [ Genesis ] to cover [ Revelation touching each individual book at each class ( first Saturday of each month from 0830 – 1.30pm @ 5 hours ) giving you the main message of each book , as seen through the eyes of Biblical Theology and NOT Systematic Theology, and tying that with the overall message of the BIBLE and impart skills to unearth the details of each book ( genres ).

I shall be beginning with GENESIS and end with Revelation. In essence this would be a 2 – Year Bible School giving you total coverage of the entire Bible.

Classes to be conducted either ONLINE or ONSITE + ONLINE ( HYBRID )
Each Class (5 Hours) @ $50 For Members / $100 For Non - Members 




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